Most Haitians still lack access to quality education, a prerequisite for sustained social and economic development for any society.

More needs to be done for workforce preparation in conjunction with education

We aim to make substantial investments in vocational training, adult education, and civic and peace education. The following are key targeted areas we aim to impact:

Technical education  incentives to participate in pre-service and in-service programs

Curriculum and training options to reflect the number and types of jobs available 

Scholarships, trainee programs,  internships, and business development

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What we have been doing!

After School Program

On Jan 10, 2022, we launched our after-school prgram in Haiti to support the teachers and serve the children in the Jacmel community. The after-school program will provide the children with tutoring to help with their daily studies, a mentorship program, and a meal that will energize them. In addition, we will introduce new programs in the Spring that will be interactive and designed for creative thinking (outside of their box). This is only the beginning 🇭🇹! ♥️👏🏽🎉

2021 Disaster Relief

More than 1200 people were killed, over 5,700 injured, and thousands more displaced after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit Haiti. TGOLH distributed over 200 kits, consisting of sanitary and food supplies.

Looking Back On 2021